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We're all just dwarfs living in his Magic Kingdom.

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Glad All Over

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Jeep J8

Of course the best thing Jeep has come up with in years isn't available in the US. It's assembled in Cairo, Egypt and Nazareth, Israel for international military use. It has an Italian VM Motori 2.8 liter diesel engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, steel bumpers, and comes in OD green or IDF tan. Some are calling it the Sarge. The Israelis call it the Storm 3.

When I picture myself in a post apocalyptic America living in my secluded cabin, brewing my own 'shine and biodiesel, fishing, hunting big game, making venison jerky and bear chili, laughing maniacally into the fire at life's beauty and perfection while playing a violin...

...this is the Jeep I'm driving when on patrol.

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to teach my wolves to get along with the cats.

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When shit hits the fan...

Yesterday I became a Jericho geek.